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You take a photo, we make it a way to do good.

For every photo you share through Donate a Photo, Johnson & Johnson gives $1 to a cause you want to help.

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Causes you can help


One photo helps provide medicine to a child with HIV

with Nyumbani

2582 children provided with medicine
Goal: 40000

2582 photos

Save the Children

One photo helps give a warm blanket to a refugee child

with Save the Children

2452 children provided with warm blankets
Goal: 40000

2452 photos


One photo helps heal a child's smile with surgery.

with Operation Smile

655 children healed
Goal: 725

157138 photos

Save the Children

One photo helps a newborn breathe

with Save the Children

12606 newborns helped
Goal: 14166

75634 photos

Born Free Africa

One photo helps keep a baby HIV free

with Born Free Africa

111 health care workers trained
Goal: 625

8869 photos

Sight for Kids

One photo helps protect a child's sight

with Sight For Kids

521 children got an eye exam
Goal: 40000

521 photos

United Way

One photo helps a student succeed in school

with United Way

5680 pre-school students provided with books
Goal: 250000

1136 photos

Kupona Foundation

One photo helps give a baby a strong start in life

with Kupona Foundation

25 hours of medical training provided
Goal: 298

1618 photos


One photo helps raise funds for myeloma research

with The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

12 hours of myeloma research funded
Goal: 125

2343 photos

Alexs Lemonade

One photo helps kids in their fight against cancer.

with Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

240 hours of childhood cancer research funded
Goal: 600

11965 photos

The Trevor Project

One photo helps save a youth in crisis

with The Trevor Project

7 youths helped
Goal: 1333

102 photos

Family Equality Council

One photo helps support LGBTQ parents' rights

with Family Equality Council

1358 families helped
Goal: 1600

13578 photos

Girl Up 3

One photo helps lift a girl in India out of poverty

with Girl Up

1381 girls helped
Goal: 2083

33139 photos


One photo helps a child learn skills to lead in life

with 4-H

259 children helped
Goal: 2000

5176 photos

National Psoriasis Foundation

One photo helps a person in their fight against psoriasis.

with National Psoriasis Foundation

243 people helped
Goal: 1000

6064 photos


One photo supports a student studying health care at Rutgers University.

with Rutgers

22 students supported
Goal: 50

21228 photos

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