One photo helps boost a young child's development.

Help boost a young child's development Help boost a young child's development

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For every photo you donate, Johnson & Johnson gives $1 to Save the Children on behalf of the #FindtheWords Early Learning Campaign. That $1 helps provide parents and caregivers with the training and tools they need to create a stimulating environment for their child—reading, singing, talking, and playing—giving their young child a strong start in learning, and in life. It takes 50 photos for an early childhood specialist to train a parent.

And your photo helps twice as much when you donate it during December. All month long, JOHNSON’S® Baby Brand will double the donation, turning that $1 into $2 (up to $100,000), and giving these little ones an even stronger start.

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It takes 50 photos to help boost a young child's development with Donate a Photo


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Donations closed on March 31, 2015
Thanks to everyone who helped our cause.

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